Business Intelligence and Analytics

Businesses today must be able to glean insight and understand the value from every purchase, Tweet, and customer care interaction. Cadvil Solutions can help you unlock this business value from mountains of data.

Our cost-effective and comprehensive Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics services provide a foundation for insight and analysis to help you make more insightful business decisions, take bold action, and execute quickly.

Our experienced BI and Analytics consultants leverage proven methodologies, tools, and best practices to bring insight and innovation to help you navigate the exponential growth of digital data from social media and mobile sources, meet the demand for mobile data accessibility, and comply with evolving regulations.

We have the proven industry experience dedicated to solving business challenges, as well as, supporting efficient sales processes based on closed loop, customer life cycle analytics.

BI solutions that our team delivers encompass gathering data from multiple sources (ETL), organizing it in a data warehouse, creating OLAP cubes, as well as designing intuitive data visualization. Our team is ready to handle the projects with both traditional BI and big data.


We provide analytic solutions for the financial, healthcare, eCommerce, retail, HR, and Tech industries. From big data analysis, customer journey mapping, to data warehousing systems, our analytic solutions streamline and future proof your data processing and analytical needs.

Our clients include companies that drive a large volume of sales. Using sales workforce analytics, our engineers improve forecast accuracy and pipeline management by effectively measuring the right metrics hidden in your data. We build a closed loop analysis based on lead generation tactics through to the final sale. We advise on the allocation of resources to facilitate the growth of new opportunities and sales.


Our consultants deliver well-tuned and timely reports and intuitive dashboards that give a detailed overview of a companys past and present, as well as provide reliable forecasting. We use Microsoft SQL Reporting Services, Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft Excel, Oracle Business Intelligence and Custom front-end environment.

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