SharePoint Consultancy

An experienced, credentialed team of SharePoint consultants.

With our years of training, certifications and practical experience, were positioned to assist you in meeting all your SharePoint implementation objectives, regardless of the industry you’re in.

To design, architect and build a successful SharePoint platform, you need a team with wide-ranging capabilities. From project management to technical architect, developer or SharePoint trainer, and all the roles in between, you can be confident that our team can meet your needs and exceed expectations.

Our team of Microsoft certified application developers integrate and augment the business solutions you need within your SharePoint platform. We leverage this knowledge as more complex development requirements arise in your SharePoint environment.

SharePoint Customization

No two companies are identical, and thus, no two solutions should be the same. That’s why we work to create customized solutions that specifically address the needs of your company. We customize both the front-end presentation, improving ease of access and usability, and modify the back-end infrastructure, improving the core functionality of your company’s SharePoint components.

By customizing the powerful SharePoint tool, you can tap into the real potential of this powerful platform. By using our years of industry experience and in-depth knowledge about the product, we can guide you through innumerable customization options, allowing you to adapt the program fully to your organizations needs.

We can assist in customizing:

  • Business Workflows
  • Business Intelligence Dashboards
  • Core Content Management Systems
  • CRM Tools
  • Data Collaboration Solutions
  • Excel Services
  • Integration Tools
  • Intranet / Extranet Portals
  • Third Party Collaboration Tools

Our in-depth customization takes solutions through the research, design, development, and implementation phases.

SharePoint Implementation and Integration

There is no better team to help you implement the SharePoint system. Our years of expertise will make this often-arduous task simpler and fast, and will prevent costly errors that sometimes arise during self-implementation.

Our SharePoint implementation team can help you:
  • Migrate/upgrade from existing legacy applications.
  • Install/configure Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS).
  • Install/configure Windows SharePoint Services (WSS).
  • Create custom business workflows.
  • Intranet/Extranet web sites.
  • Setup SQL server reporting (SRS), integration (SSIS), and analysis (SSAS).
  • Create dashboards and data reporting utilities.
  • Create InfoPath forms.
  • Brand your company SharePoint.
  • Implement Business Process Automation

Thinking Strategically, Implementing Tactically

Our team of globally recognized experts are positioned and ready to provide your company with high-impact SharePoint consulting services. Our solutions are aimed at improving efficiency and effectiveness at every level of your organization. Through many years of experience, we’ve created the most concise and practical SharePoint consulting methodology available and we are ready to work with you.

Working with SharePoint Engine is easy. From your first call to us, we make you feel welcome and part of our company, which you are. We also take the time to understand your goals and objectives before making a recommendation. During a project, we work rapidly, but we don’t rush and we don’t move forward without being certain of the next step.

We begin with a free in-depth SharePoint consultation to personalize our services to your unique company needs. Our services include:

  • Content Management
  • SharePoint Customization
  • Business Process Management
  • Business Intelligence

Please explore the details of our services. When you’re ready to get started, click here to contact us

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