Database Management

The Cadvil team of certified Database Administrators and Architects leverages the latest technologies in order to design, develop, implement, and optimize sophisticated data-driven systems across various operational environments. From optimization of your database environment, migration to cloud platforms, ensuring order and accessibility of your digital data, enhancement of system performance, downtime minimization for migration, to management of advanced database methodologies including clustering, replication, log shipping, etc. we help you reduce ongoing operational costs and achieve operational excellence.


  • Database design and development
  • Integration processes design and development
  • Enterprise Data Warehouse design and implementation
  • Design and implementation of Business Intelligence solutions
  • Data modelling, planning, and migration
  • SQL, PL/SQL, and T-SQL development


  • Database installation, creation, upgrades, and patching
  • Data replication
  • Cross-platform migration
  • Design and implementation of high-availability configurations
  • Backup and disaster recovery strategies development and review
  • Security audit
  • Database consolidation

Optimization and Planning

  • Overall database performance analysis
  • Identification of bottlenecks in database performance
  • Data schema analysis and verification from standpoint of performance
  • Capacity planning, sizing


  • 24×7 DBA Support
  • Participation in ongoing change requests
  • Proactive database monitoring, issues resolution, and analysis
  • Daily database maintenance
  • Performance analysis, tuning, and firefighting
  • Disaster recovery configurations
  • High-availability configurations
  • Data management
  • User and data security management
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