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What is Atalo ERP?

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a process used by companies to manage and integrate the important parts of their businesses. Many ERP software applications are important to companies because they help them implement resource planning by integrating all of the processes needed to run their companies with a single system. An ERP software system can also integrate planning, purchasing inventory, sales, marketing, finance, human resources, and more. 

WE Offer solutions across multiple devices. Manage your business anytime, anywhere. 

Core ERP Modules


HRMS solutions enable businesses to hire, develop, and retain employees with less effort and expense. Built to integrate with our industry-specific business management solutions, our powerful HR software automates many time-intensive processes while improving data visibility and access.  From recruitment through the payroll and staff development process, HRMS module assures the most from your personnel investment. The modules in the Human Resources suite include: Employee Info (Basic and Detailed) Payroll, Time & Attendance, EOS Calculation, Notification, Leaves. Loan ManagementEmployee Self Service Mobile App (ESS), HR Forms and many more. 


The finance and accounting module is the most important ERP module because it allows businesses to understand their current financial state and future outlook. ATALO ERP provides a paper-less work environment with its completely automated entries and functions. That means, all processes are quicker, there’s minimal data input, and reduced or no manual errors. IT offers various levels of controlling rights and managing them. You can define rights for multiple company levels, groups, users, and roles. You can also control entries at the account, journal or product level. With SaaS, multiple customers usually share a single copy of the software, which lowers costs and helps enforce standardization and good business practices 


The Procurement Module in ERP relates to the buying process of businesses and usually refers to the purchasing of supplies or services. It helps to manage the procurement process, manage budgets and track spending. ATALO ERP is flexible and highly customizable for your unique business requirements. As one of the leading procurement management software in the market, the software allows you to manage complex assets, connect with suppliers and retailers, plan and execute supply chain process effectively .It can assist you in simplifying the highly complex tasks and processes in procurement management which include purchasing management, invoice management, contract management, payment management, RFQ support and approving reviewing and revising various processes related to the procurement process. 


Inventory module enables you to view, manage, and edit inventory related data within Unleashed. From this module you can create, manage and edit; Products. Warehouse transfers. stock adjustments. Atalo ERP provides one of the innovative inventory management software UAE to make your business processes smooth and effortless. Our ERP Inventory Management Software makes dealing with inventory management for all businesses seamless. Our inventory management software will help you to speed processes by handling invoicing, stock management and many more key functions along with maintaining customer details in an interactive and user-friendly interface. 

Production (Manufacturing)

The Production module enables you to view and manage any goods that you may want to produce in your inventory management process. Production planning provides the optimum utilization of resources such as manufacturing capacity, parts, components and raw materials.  Atalo ERP production module can help you optimize production capacity to keep costs low and meet customer expectations for quality and on-time delivery. It includes the process of making BOM (Bill of Material), Store Requisition from Stage, Store Issue, Production & Movement and Quality Inspection. 


Sales module is an essential function for an organization. Sales handle all the activities for domestic and export sales of an organization. The customer and product database are maintained in the ERP sales module. Our ERP Sales module enables you to manage quotes, orders, shipments, and invoices. Better data visibility helps you define target markets and create more effective strategies for them. By streamlining the sales process, you can increase productivity and be well-positioned for sustained growth. 


Enhanced Business Reporting

Better reporting tools with real-time information, one integrated database for all business processes.

Better customer service

Better access to customer information, faster response times, improved on-time delivery & improved order accuracy.

Business Process Improvements

Automate manual or routine tasks, implement smarter workflows, gain efficiency.

Supply Chain Management

Effective demand forecasting and lean inventory, reduce production bottlenecks, transparency through the business.

Cost Savings

Improved inventory planning, better procurement management, better customer service, improved vendor relationship management.

Better Data & Cloud Security

Dedicated security resources, avoid installing malicious software, data distributed across multiple servers.

Boosted Cash Flow

Better invoicing and better collections tools to bring cash in faster, faster cash means more cash on-hand for the business.

Improved Inventory Costs

Only carry as much inventory as needed, avoid these common issues; Too much inventory, and higher overhead costs or too little inventory, and longer customer fulfillment times.

Feature List –advanced


  • Comprehensive Employee Master
  • Leave / Vacation Management
  • Loan Management
  • Appraisal Tracking
  • End of Service Calculations
  • Employee Self Service Mobile App (ESS)
  • Wages Protection System (WPS)
  • Statutory Compliance
  • HP Forms
  • Income Tax (IF Applicable)
  • Configurable Earnings, Deductions, Leave & Loans


  • Real-time information about goods, prices and availability.
  • Multiple price-lists. Customer transaction history by orders, invoices, returns delivery notes.
  • Sales orders status tracking.
  • Sales channel efficiency and gross profit analysis.
  • Manual and automatic discounts.
  • Prepare and send quotations as per your layouts.
  • Transfer goods to consignment and consignment sales.
  • POS interface.
  • Invoice creation based on % of project completion
  • Accounts receivable aging and control.
  • Progressive Invoicing.


  • Stock tracking and management.
  • Barcoding & Tagging.
  • Inventory Tracking.
  • Reporting Tools.
  • Inventory Forecasting.
  • Inventory Alerts.
  • Inventory Security and Backups.
  • Reports
  • Supplier audits.


  • Supplier Relationship Management.
  • Supplier database.
  • Contract management.
  • Document Management from Suppliers
  • Reports


  • Profit tracking.
  • General ledger.
  • Accounts payable (AP).
  • Accounts receivable (AR).
  • Fixed asset management.
  • Purchasing.
  • Risk management.
  • Reporting.


  • Robust Inventory Tracking
  • Material Planning
  • Cost Estimation
  • Production Log Sheet
  • Capacity Planning
  • Production Conversion
  • Machine Calendar

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